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Moushumi Kandali

Assistant Professor

Double masters in Philosophy and Art History & Aesthetics ( MS university of Baroda.).

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School of Culture and Creative Expressions


Education & Research

Education & Research: With double master degrees in Philosophy and Art History & Aesthetics ( specialization in Art Criticism) from Gauhati University and Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda respectively , she has submitted her doctoral thesis to the Department of Art History & Aesthetics, Fine Arts Faculty, MSU, Baroda. Her research deals with the dynamics of identity and art activism in the visual art practices in the post colonial Assam. Her MFA dissertation carried a research about political reflexivity as symbolic mediation in the modern art scenario of Assam. Currently she is engaged in a major research project sponsored by the Rastriya Lalit kala Akademi to document and critically investigate the contemporary / modern art discourse of the North-East to be published as a book by the same . In an attempt to generate interest and awareness of modern/contemporary art in the north-eastern region of India she authored three research based art books in vernacular language . She has been contributing essays to various journals, catalogues, and other important academic publications. Her areas of interest are Art/ Culture/Literary Theory, Gender studies and Eco-criticism besides her primary passion in creative writing of short story and translation.

Known in the Assamese literature as an experimental fiction writer, Moushumi Kandali has four collections of short stories. Her stories have been published in several national and international magazines and edited anthologies such as ‘Penguin Collection of Fifteen Classic Assamese short stories’, ‘Oxford Anthology of North East Writings’ etc and have been translated into many Foreign & Indian languages.
As a translator she has been actively engaged in translations from English, Hindi and Bengali to Assamese and from Assamese to English. Salvador Dali’s DIARY OF A GENIUS into Assamese and ‘LISTEN MY FLOWERBUD’ an anthology of the oral poems of the Mishing tribe of Assam to English, (published by Sahitya Academy, New Delhi) are notable along with a range of modern /contemporary Hindi Poems into Assamese.

Past Employment

Before joining SCCE in AUD, Moushumi taught in the centre for Cultural & Creative Studies ( PG) in the North Eastern Hill University of Shillong, Govt. College of Architecture and KRB Girls College , Guwahati.



As a bilingual writer writing both in English and Assamese, Moushumi has published 9 books, 42 book chapters and more than 78 essays in various important national/international/regional journals and magazines . She has also written 5 columns in magazines and newspapers, out of which three were written in Assamese and two in English namely ENDOKSA, a monthly column on art, culture and literature in Telegraph, the national daily and NORTH EAST OPSIS, in Art News& Views , an art journal published from Kolkata .


Sl. No.
Name of the Book
Publication Details
1. Creative writing. LAMBADA NACHOR SESHOT, a collection of short stories in Assamese. Guwahati: Student’s Stores, 1998.
2. Creative writing. TRITIYOTTOR GOLPO. Collection of Short Stories in Assamese. Guwahati: Lawyer’s Book Stall, 2007. ISBN-81-7331-138-2.
3. Creative writing. MOCKDRILL. Collection of Short stories in Assamese. Guwahati: Banalata Publishers, 2010. ISBN-978-81-7339-493-5.
4. Creative writing. A TALE OF THIRDNESS. Collection of Short Stories Translated to English. New Delhi: Sanbun Publishers, 2008. ISBN-978-81-89540-88-3.
5. Text book on Art History BHARATIYA CHARU KALAR RENGONI (Glimpses of Indian Fine Arts) - A combined Text book on Fine Arts for the students of Class VIII-X. Secondary Board of Education Assam , published by SEBA, Guwahati, Assam in 2008.
6. Art history & criticism/ Art theory ASOMOR ADHUNIK SILPAKALA (The Modern
Art Scenario of Assam: A complete Mapping
and Critical appraisal of the modern art in Assam.
Baroda: Black & White art Foundation, Gujarat, 2011.
7. Art history & criticism/ Art theory BISHOY: KALA (Essays on Art & Aesthetics in Assamese) Guwahati: Bhawani Publications, 2011. ISBN-978-93-81139-16-5.
8. Translation LISTEN MY FLOWER-BUD: MISHING TRIBAL ORAL POETRY OF ASSAM -English translation of Traditional Mishing Oral poetry. New Delhi : Published by Rastriya Sahitya Akademi, 2008. ISBN-978-81-260-2598-5.
9. Translation EK DHEEMANOR JIBANPANJI. Assamese Translation of Diary of A Genius by Salvador Dali. Guwahati: Ank Bank Publications, 2010. ISBN-978-81-906308-8-7.
10. Art history & criticism/ Art theory THE MODERN/CONTEMPORARY ART
New Delhi: Lalit Kala Akademi, (Forthcoming).
11. Art history & criticism/ Art theory KALA VIKSHAN, (Essays on Art & Aesthetics in Assamese) Written Words Publications, Guwahati, (In print).


** Stories have been included in more than 25 edited anthologies in English and Assamese, among which some important entries are-

  • Parable of an Ancient Triangle”, A Game of Chess: A Timeless Collection of Fifteen Powerful Stories from Assam, Edited by Dhirendra Nath Bezboruah, Penguin Books, New Delhi, 2009, 258-271.
  • The Crossroads of Mukindon”, The Oxford Anthology of Writings from North-East India: Fiction, Ed. Tilottoma Misra, Oxford University Press, N Delhi, 2011, 121-131.
  • Once Upon a Time in a City”, Winners All: Pieces from Munin Borkotoki Awardees 1995-2004, Ed. Pradip Acharya, Munin Borkotoki Memorial Trust, Guwahati, 2011, 78-93.
  • Chirantan”, Lohit Ghati Ki Kahaniya: A Collection of Classic Assamese stories in Hindi, Edited by Mira Thakur and Shanti Thapa, Asom Lekhika Sanstha, Guwahati, 2008, 289-298.
  • Kola Bithikai Ek Phoniex”, Luit Parer Kahini, A Collection of Classic Assamese stories in Bengali, Edited by Mira Thakur and Sangeeta Saikia Baruah, Asom Lekhika Sanstha, Guwahati, 2001, 190-199.
  • Dolongor Uporot Kathupakathan”, Asomiya Galpachayan, Uttar Swadhinata Yogar Asomiya Chutigagalpa, Ed. Nagen Saikia, National Book Trust, New Delhi, 2008, 333-340.
  • Lambada Nachor Seshot”, Uttar Ramdhenu Jugor Galpa, Ed. Homen Borgohain, Asam Prakashan Parishad, 2007, 156-165.
  • The Eye”, Pleasure Trove: Select Assamese Literary works in English, Ed. Abhigyan Anubhav, Golden Jubilee celebration committee of Pandu College, Guwahati, 2011, 113-125.
  • Stories published in several international journals such as ‘Asia: A Magazine of Asian Literature’ (No 14, 2009, Seoul, South Korea,) etc.
  • Stories translated to many languages such as German, English, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Malayalam, Nepali etc. The Hindi translations have been published in prestigious journals like Samkalin Sahitya, Akaar, Vagarth, Dastavej, Naya Jyanoday, Kathadesh, Public Agenda , Gagananchal etc.


Select Book Chapters

Sl. No.
Title with Page No.
Journal/ Book with full reference and
1. The Colonial Impression on Vaishnavite Art form of Assam: A Study of the Sculptural Reliefs of the Srihati Satra, 186-200. The Oxford Anthology of Writings from North-East India: Poetry & Essays, Ed. Tilottoma Misra, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2011, ISBN-13 : 978-0-19-806749-8, ISBN-10:0-19-806749-6.
2. “Representation of gender marginality in the visual narrative of M H Barbhuyan”, 135-147. Ethno-Narratives: Identity and Experience in North East India, Ed. Sukalpa Bhattacharjee & Rajesh Dev, New Delhi: Anshah Publishing House, 2006. ISBN:81-8364-010-9.
3. “The Aesthetic Thinking of Jyotiprashad Agarwala, the first modernist aesthetic thinker of Assaml ”, 103-128. Culture, Ideology, Politics: Jyotiprashad Agarwala and His Vision on Social Transformation, Ed. Dr. Akhil Ranjan Dutta, New Delhi: DVS publications, 2011, ISBN.978-8185307-52-6.
4. Surrealism 36 - 38 Entry in Viswakosh, Encyclopaedia in Assamese on History, Vol-VI, Ed. Dr. Rajen Saikia, Asom Sahitya Sabha, 2007.
5. Italian Futurism 185 - 186 Ibid
6. Edgar Degas 259 – 260 Ibid
7. Edward Manet 266 – 267 Ibid
8. Claude Oscar Monet 334 - 335 Ibid
9. Gustav Courbet 452 - 453 Ibid
10. Salvador Dali 557 – 558 Ibid
11. Dadaism 719 – 720 Ibid
12. Paul Ganguin, 45-46 Entry in Viswakosh, Encyclopaedia in Assamese on History, Vol-VII, Ed. Dr. Rajen Saikia, Asom Sahitya Sabha, 2007.
13. Pierre August Renoir 91-92 Ibid
14. Piet Mondrian 92 - 93 Ibid
15. Symbolism 120 - 121 Ibid
16. Realism 251 – 252 Ibid
17. Impressionism 504 – 506 Ibid
18. Marcel Duchamp 549 – 550 Ibid
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20. Expressionism 10 - 11 Entry in Sabdakosh : Samaj Sahitya Bigyan, a glossary of terms used in social science, literature and science, Ed. Dr. Madan M Sarma, Published by the Registrar, Tezpur Central University, Tezpur, 2010.
21. Art for Art’s Sake 34 - 35 Ibid
22. Cubism 45 - 46 Ibid
23. Nouveau Roman 61 - 62 Ibid
24. Art Nouveau 62 - 63 Ibid
25. Anti Novel 78 – 79 Ibid
26. Impressionism 81 Ibid
27. Vorticism 107 - 108 Ibid
28. Haiku 134 – 135 Ibid
29. “Contemporary Indian Art: Thoughts & Experimentation”, 67-83 Contemporary Thoughts, Ed. Pradip Khatoniar, Pawan kumar Baruah & Pawan Saharia, Cotton College Centenary Celebration Committee, Guwahati, 2002.
30. Asomor Silpakalar Itihaas: Adhunik Yug, 89-113.( 20th Century Assam and the modernist discourse in arts) Bingsa Satabdi aru Asom, Ed. Gitashree Tamuli & Hem Phukan, Golden Jubilee celebration committee of Devraj Roy College, Golaghat, 2000.




  • "Death Rattle of Reason: Resonance in the Art of North East.” Lead Essay, Lalit Kala Contemporary, Vol. 53, New Delhi, 2012.
  • "A Black Friday and the Spirit of Sharmila: Protest Art of North East India”. Art Etc. Issue 28, May, 2012. Kolkata.
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  • “Has Art Become More Democratic And Real After Globalization?”
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‘Whispering Woods: The Contemporary Art of North-East.’ Curation of the Exhibition of OCTAVE- 2008, A Festival of the north eastern states organised by Govt. of India, (Dept. of Culture, Rastriya Sangeet Natak Academi, Rastriya Sahitya Academi & Rashtriya Lalit Kala Academy) at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in February, 2008. The write up and album of the artists had been published in the same year by Lalit kala Akademi, New Delhi..
Besides curatorial writing, she has also done several catalogue writing for the artists of north East exhibited in the major galleries of India and abroad.

** There are more than seventy essays written in Assamese and published in different prestigious regional journals like Gariyoshi, Prantik, Prokash, Satsori etc.


Professionl Activities/Awards

  • Awarded the national ‘Yuva Puraskar’ (the young author award) by Bharatita Bhasha Parishad in 2005, an award dedicated to ‘outstanding creative writing by young Indian writer and significant contribution to Indian Literature ’ (Quote Citation)
  • Awarded the national ‘Eka anong koyekjon Sahitya Sanskriti Samman’ for contribution in literature ( short fiction) and culture ( art writing on north east ) in 2007 .
  • Awarded the ‘Munin Borkotoki Memorial Award’ for literary achievement by young creative writers in Assamese literature in 2000 .
  • Awarded the literary grants ( by nomination) for young Indian writers by Rastriya Sahitya Akademi in 1999.
  • Nominations to several prestigious national awards for creative writing such as the Sanskriti Samman etc.
  • K K Handique Memorial Gold Medal for academic excellence by Gauhati University in 1998.
  • Junior Research Fellowship for Art History & Aesthetics (2005) and National Eligibility Test (1998) for Philosophy by University Grants Commission.


  • Member of the 14 member delegation of creative Writers to the Curtain Raiser of Frankfurt World Book Fair, Germany in 2006. Delivered lectures on creative writings and on the art and culture of India at different cities of Germany.
  • Member of Cultural Study Exchange Team to Orlando, Florida District of Rotary International, United States of America, in 2009.
  • Member of the Jury for the 5th National Junior Artists Exhibition organised by Lalit kala Akademi and Srimanta Sankardeva kalakhetra Assam , 2008.
  • Presenter of Rup Barna Bak – a television program on contemporary art and artists in NE-HIFI, a TV Channel of the North East every Saturday at 7 pm for three years from 2009 to 2011. Also carried out the research and script writing for the same.



  • ‘Contemporary Indian Literature with specific reference to my individual creative exploration’, invited talk and story presentation at the National Library of Frankfurt, Germany in 27th March 2006 as a part of the tour for Frankfurt World Book Fair.
  • ‘Creative Expressions: Literature And Art Of Contemporary India’, Invited talk and short story presentation at the “ Literatur Haus’ in Kiel, Hamburg, Germany on 24th march 2006 organized by Literatur Haus literary committee and arranged by the organizers of Frankfurt World Book Fair.
  • Invited to present story and give talk on literature on the occasion of the prestigious event of the Golden Jubilee celebration of Sahitya Akademi, titled “The New Voices of Indian Literature” held at Bhubaneswar, in 2004.
  • Violence Double Spread : From Private to Public to Life World, Invited panelist to the Panel Discussion in the SAA auditorium, School Of Art & Aesthetics, JNU, New Delhi, 5th October 2012.
  • Invited Critic in Residence in XLV National Art Exhibition, 2002 organised by Rastriya Lalit Kala Academi in Sankardev Kalakhetra, Guwahati, Assam.
  • Invited to present story in ASMITA, a national literary programme of contemporary writers of India, in New Delhi at Rabindra Bhavan, Rastriya Sahitya Academi, in 29th September 2010.
  • Invited as a writer to SAMANVAY the First National Festival of Indian Languages organized by India habitat centre, New Delhi and Delhi Press held in IHC, Delhi from 16th to 18th December 2011.
  • Invited to present story in the All India writers conference by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, on 27th Sept 2011, in Haridwar.
  • “Art and Life”, paper presented on invitation in the national symposium organized by society of Visual Arts & Design, Santiniketan, with collaboration of National Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi) in 20th November 2010.
  • Invited as one of the eight women writers in the pan Indian literature to present story in Asmita, a national event organized by Rastriya Sahitya Akademi at Jorhat in 2007.
  • Invited author to the North East Women Writers conference held in Dimapur, September, 2012 on the occasion of silver jubilee celebration of NEZCC , a central government initiative for promotion and preservation of art, culture & literature of north east.
  • Invited as a writer to speak on ‘New Challenges of Women writers’ in the First National Festival of Indian Languages organized by India habitat centre, New Delhi and Delhi Press held in IHC, Delhi from 16th to 18th December 2011.
  • ‘Art Writings in North East’, invited paper presentation in the national art workshop organized by Rastriya Lalit Kala Academi, Shillong, 14th Feb, 2011.
  • ‘Contemporary trends in Art’, invited paper presentation in the national symposium on art organized by Rastriya Lalit Kala Academi, Shillong, 12 July, 2010.
  • Invited to talk on “The contemporary visual practices by the artist of North-East” in the National Art Camp organized by Rastriya Lalit kala Academi in Srimamta Sankardeva Kalakhetra in 12th November 2009.
  • Invited to “Assam-Bengal fiction writers national meet’ held by Sahitya Akademi at Guwahati in 2008.
  • Invited to present a talk on the ‘Artistic consciousness of poet Nilamoni Phukan’ in the Sambad, a literary programme by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, in collaboration with the Dept. of Assamese held at Dibrugarh University in 2005.
  • Invited to talk and interact in the Sahitya Academi’s programme on “ Significant Women writers of Assamese literature” organized in collaboration with Tinsukia Women’s College in 14th Nov 2007.
  • Invited to North-East Writer’s Meet at Shillong in 11th and 12th Feb. 2010, organized by Axom Xahitya Sabha to read story and talk about “ creative writing and writer’s responsibility.”
  • Participated, coordinated and moderated the session “New Women writers” at the 23rd Biennial Conference of Sadau Asom Lekhika Samaroh in 22nd Jan, at Jorhat, 2010.
  • Invited as resource person to talk about “ Literature and women’s writing” along with an interactive session with the participants in the workshop for creative writing organized by Dept. of English, Diphu Govt. College on 18th December 2007.
  • Has been regularly invited as resource person to give talk by various organizations and institutions such as ICCR, CCRT, Rotary International, Gauhati Artists Guild etc.



  • “Interrogating Modernity: A Critique Of The Agrarian Practice And Folk Beliefs Of The Karbi Tribe Of North-East.” Paper presented in the 5th International Conference on Ecological Discourse in Tamkamg University, Teipei, Taiwan from 16-18th December 2010.
  • Identity : jack-in-the-box, theme presentation in the 5th curatorial workshop organised by ACUA, IFA & SCCE in the Ambedkar University of Delhi on 10th October, 2012.
  • “Imagining The Community: The Making Of The Spectacle Of Bihu” Paper presented at See-Saw: Context of Spectatorship, an International Seminar organized by Sarojini Naidu School of Arts & Communication, University of Hyderabad, Feb. 25 – 27th, 2010.
  • “Art as Narrative Form.” Paper presented at the International Conference “Narratives of North East India: Creativity; Tradition & Interpretations” organized by ICSSR-NERC at Women’s College Shillong in 6th September 2003.
  • “History In Allegory: A Focus On Modern Art Praxis In 20th Century Assam” Paper presented at the International Seminar on INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT IN NORTH EAST INDIA IN THE 20TH CENTURY organized by North Eastern Institute of Developmental Studies, NEHU and ICSSR from 21st to 23rd March, 2005


  • Paper presented in the international seminar “Narrativizing the Margins: Northeast India and Beyond” Department of English, Assam University: Diphu Campus, 4-6 January, 2012. The title of the paper is “Narrativizing Assam in the popular culture of the video compact disc productions in the contemporary practices.”
  • “Advaita Vedanta and the National Counter Discourse.” A paper presented at the National Seminar on MEDIEVAL ART OF INDIA at Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University of Baroda, from 24th -26th Jan, 2000.
  • “Dynamics of Cultural Identity In The Contemporary Art Praxis: A Focus On Assam”. A paper presented at the National Seminar organised by Lalit Kala Academy on the occasion of 45th National Exhibition of art held at Srimanta Shankardev Kala Kshetra Guwahati in 12th December 2002.
  • “Contemporary Art Scene of Assam: Driving Issues and Ideas”. Paper presented at the National Seminar and art workshop organized by Jorhat Fine Art Society, 28th May, 2005.
  • Paper presented at the National Workshop & Symposium “ New Horizon: Cultural Exchange 2010” organised by Wanderlust Foundation , Mumbai and Black & White Art Foundation, Baroda in Sonapur, Guwahati from 22nd April to 29th April 2010.

Other Activities

  • Member of the Assam State Publication Board, a board chaired by Minister of Education , Govt. of Assam, with its fourteen nominated member committee.
  • Member of the syllabus committee of Fine arts in the Secondary Education Board of Assam.
  • Member of Editorial Board of Yaatra, An English Magazine for Literature & Culture of North East published by the North East Foundation, Guwahati.
  • Member of the Advisory board of Sabd, An English Literary Journal published by Wordsmith Publications, Guwahati.
  • Founder Secretary, Parampara Prabah, an NGO for promotion and preservation of art, literature and culture of the North East based at Guwahati.
  • Member of All Assam Visual Artists Association and also associated with Guwahati Artist’s Guild.


My Zone

 As a writer I have published four collections of my short stories and hereby I am sharing an excerpt from one of them . It has been included in the forthcoming -- ‘Anthology of the