Shefalee Jain

Assistant Professor

M.A. in Painting,

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School of Culture and  Creative Expressions

Education & Research

M.V.A, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U. Baroda, India. 2007
B.V.A, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U. Baroda, India 2005
B.A. English Literature, Lady Sriram College, Delhi Univ., New Delhi, India. 2001


Past Employment

Worked as a freelance artist and researcher


Illustrations, cover design and jacket design for Aditi ki Sahas Kathayen ,a set of eight children’s books (translated from English into Hindi and published by Eklavya, Bhopal),2010-12.
Jointly illustrated (with Lokesh Khodke) Mother, a poem by Kancha Illiah, as part of a project titled Different Tales: Stories from Marginal Cultures and Regional Languages (conducted by Anveshi research centre for women’s studies, Hyderabad), which involved collecting and illustrating stories dealing with lives of minority groups and written by Dalits and other minorities and introducing them into school syllabi and libraries. A set of 25 children’s books in three languages were published as part of this initiative by Mango, D C books, kottayam, kerela, 2008.
Illustrations, cover design and jacket design for Adventures of Aditi and friends written by Suniti Namjoshi( a set of eight children’s books) published by Tulika, Chennai, 2005-07.
Writing and illustrating Ten, a counting book for children with Tulika Publishers, 2005. This book was later translated into English and Malayalam.
National workshop on ‘Illustration for children’, Eklavya and Sir Ratan Tata trust, Bhopal, 2006.
Workshop on ‘Illustration for Children’, Uttarkashi, organized by Tara publishers, Chennai.

ON GOING PROJECT: designing and illustrating for a children’s magazine Chakmak published by Eklavya, Bhopal, India called 'Chitron ki Bhasha' or 'The language of Art'. This is a project I envisioned for a children’s magazine 'Chakmak' published by Eklavya, Bhopal, India. I design the double spread of the magazine where I introduce a different work of art(painting/sculpture/photography/installation)every month to the children. I do this by designing reading material and interactive exercises around the image of the chosen work. My effort has been to acquaint children with art not merely at the level of a hobby but as a language and as a history. There is very little going on in India in terms of art education at the school level and as a result a lot of people(outside the field of art) are either uninterested in art or if they are interested, they don't have the necessary tools or education to even know where to begin to enter these works. As a result there is a huge gap between the artist's community and the public here. It has been my effort through this children's magazine to try and bridge this gap to whatever extent I can and to make the viewing of art a more interesting.

Professionl Activities/Awards