Vision and Mission of AUD's IQAC

  1. It is visualised as a forum for closer scrutiny of and brain-storming over institutional processes and priorities and not merely as a monitoring body.
  2. It should help create a data-base on various quality parameters of higher education, by initiating institutional research studies, such as, on student life cycle, field-engagement practices across different Schools, effectiveness of tutorial and mentoring systems, assessment practices and results, extent of interdisciplinary exposure to students across programmes, etc. and thus become the information hub of the university
  3. It should also help us create an effective knowledge management system by institutionalising MIS through the process of augmenting of the ERP system already in place at the University.
  4. IQAC should help in articulating and documenting the best practices and create institutional accounts of diverse experiences around different initiatives at the university.
  5. It should prepare the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per NAAC guidelines.
  6. It would be the interface for dialogue on issues, academic as well as structural with the various Schools, Centres and Divisions, and help charter the future trajectories for the University administration.
  7. IQAC will be a parallel body to the existing statutory and informal bodies like BoS, SCAP, Schools of Study, and Centres, and SMT, forums. IQAC would participate and at the same time undertake a critical review of the functioning of these bodies in the University.