Kopal Chaube

Kopal Chaube

My work

My area of work pertains to drinking water in the city of Delhi. Through my work I am trying to understand and unpack the notion of ‘scarcity’ where I approach this issue from the position that scarcity is a politically constructed concept which manifests differently for different stratum of people. There are many variables that define and decide this stratum and for my work I have chosen class as a determining variable primarily because the notion of class is inbuilt in to the institutional imagination of the water distribution in Delhi and is evident in its criteria of water allocation to different ‘category’ of citizens of Delhi. More specifically my field area is located in Mehrauli- which is one on the ancient cities and which in past had managed abundant water supply but currently struggles for water. It is an interesting locale which is witnessing rapid urbanisation amidst least quantum of water supply by DJB. Through my work I am trying to understand how different classes experience and navigate water scarcity, what does it tell us about the prevalent notion of ‘scarcity’ and the institutional response to water crisis in the city.


I am currently teaching as Assistant Professor (political Science) in School of Undergraduate Studies, AUD. I also teach a course on Gender and Environment at SHE and have taught courses on development and basic research skills in the same school in the past. My academic training has been in political science and I have studied decentralization and public delivery of education services in Madhya Pradesh for my M.Phil. I have publications in the area of public administration, women and water, Indian politics and my research interests revolve around political ecology, Indian politics and gender.