Budhaditya Das

Budhaditya Das




I am writing my dissertation on state policies, Adivasi livelihoods and agrarian environments in the Satpuda hills of southern Madhya Pradesh. My research takes a long-term view of livelihood transitions and state-society interactions in upland Madhya Pradesh, using insights and methods from history and anthropology. The ‘wild tribes’ of Satpuda hills carried out raids on villages in the Narmada valley and were part of communities of independent hill chiefs and shifting cultivators in eighteenth century India. Today, as residents of forest villages, they are using roads, markets, migration and government schemes to grow wheat and soybean in forested, upland landscapes. My research tries to understand the shifts that have taken place in Adivasi livelihoods, and the role that states, markets and lowland agriculture have played in it. I have carried out ethnographic fieldwork in forest villages and archival research at the Madhya Pradesh State Archives, Bhopal.


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I am a UGC Senior Research Fellow at the School of Human Ecology (SHE). I have taught courses on development and gender as Guest and Adjunct Faculty at SHE. I am interested in studying rural societies through frameworks of historical anthropology, political ecology and ethnographies of development. I have earlier taught, studied and researched at the Department of Social Work, University of Delhi. For my MPhil research, I studied forest conflicts and implementation of the Forest Rights Act in Harda and Betul districts of Madhya Pradesh.