School of Human Studies (SHS)


The School of Human Studies has brought together psychologists, social anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers and social work professionals to offer two interdisciplinary programmes: MA in Psychology and MA in Gender Studies, both drawing strongly not only from intellectual sources but also engaging with the real life ‘situatedness’ of a variety of subjectivities around us.

We have also started Mphil Psychotherapy & Clinical Thinking, Mphil/Phd in Gender Studies, Mphil Development Practice and Phd Psychology



Ehsaas Clinic


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Counseling Clinic

School of Human Studies

Ambedkar University, Delhi

The Psychotherapy and Counseling Clinic is a new initiative by the School of Human Studies, committed to the training of socially sensitive mental health professionals. At the clinic along with the sliding fee structure we also provide low cost and free counseling and psychotherapy to cater to a variety of socio-economic realities of people. The clinic comprises of a Child, Adolescent, Adult and Family Clinic and it also provides psycho-diagnostic testing. There is also an in-house Psychiatrist along with a referral service.

Khel Khel Mein

For Children

Children sense a lot from the world around them and at times are caught between expectations and desires. If you see you or your loved ones go through experiences where you refuse to go to school, experience separation anxiety, feel like withdrawing into your sadness or anger, or find it difficult to concentrate or enjoy things you liked due to the presence of too many thoughts, express yourself aggressively in school or at home, and find that others around you can’t understand you — therapy could be a space to engage and explore these trying moments — something you have been feeling but you don’t know how to share it.


For Adolescents

Adolescents experience and express needs of dependency and independence and in this process you may go through certain challenges like feeling blocked in your engagement in school because you are preoccupied with thoughts or feelings, you may have undergone overwhelming experiences that they find difficult to experience and verbalize, uncertain about their future. Psychotherapy as an alternative addresses the deeper conflicts underlying the surface of these disturbances.


For Individuals

Personal relationships and work are a playground to know oneself and you may experience acute anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, betrayal and anger. Often to take recourse from such feelings you turn to addictive patterns through alcohol and drugs, abusive relationships or by working excessively. In acute distress these options seem to be the only alternative but the conflict remains. Individual psychotherapy is a space to recover a sense of stability and meaningfulness by looking at difficult life experiences and feelings in a safe engagement with the therapist.


For Families

Life in the family acquires a difficult emotional tone specially when you are going through divorce or loss of a parent, or there is too much violence, there is a secret you can’t reveal, you feel the family is divided, you are exhausted by the prolonged mental or physical illness of a family member, you have adopted a child or you are a child of foster parents, you and your partner have different expectations. Family therapy is a space to listen to parts of each other in the family with the hope of recovering the realities of the relationship.

Contact Us Today: Ehsaas, the Psychotherapy Clinic School of Human Studies, Ambedkar University, Lothian Road, Kashmere Gate, Delhi. Phone: You can contact Mr Rajinder Singh: 9717268744, Mr Ashis Roy 9873193399; Ms Shifa Haq: 9953308594. Email: Our therapists will contact you and confirm the appointment. They are available from 9am to 4pm on Monday- Saturday.


Content Awaited

Content Awaited


Attendance,Assessment & promotion

There is a continuous assessment process spread over a semester for each taught course giving equal importance to students' works during the semester and end-of-course examination. Grades are given for performance in tests, classroom presentations, group discussions, fieldwork/project works, term papers and other exercises designed by teachers. Ability to work in a group or design an investigative project may be tested and evaluation may include peer assessment. Results of assessment will be communicated to students in a timely manner so that they have adequate opportunity to improve their subsequent work.

Attendance shall be monitored closely; students are expected to be regular in classes. Student's attendance will determine whether they will be allowed to appear for assessments.