BA Honours with a Major in Economics

Programme Description

The B.A Honours Programme with a Major in Economics is designed to provide a basic but rigorous training in the analysis of the economy. Particular attention is paid to familiarising students with contemporary economic issues including those specifically confronting developing economies like India, and equipping them with the ability to think creatively about these issues. Through a course content, which is an appropriate mix of economic theory, economic history and quantitative techniques, students are exposed to different perspectives within the discipline and the social and political dimensions of economics. The emphasis is on encouraging students to develop their analytical and critical faculties rather than promoting learning by rote and uncritical acceptance of received wisdom

The core courses of the Economics Major cover a wide set of areas and provide the foundational economics training. These include courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Statistical and Mathematical Methods for Economics, Econometrics, Development Economics, Indian Economic Issues and Political Economy. Additional Elective courses are normally focused on specific themes and issues like Indian Economic History or Globalisation, on specialised or applied fields like Public Finance and Money, or on more advanced topics in the core areas.

Students graduating with an Economics Major will acquire an understanding of the discipline and familiarity with economic issues and also develop their analytical, quantitative, and communication, skills. These skills will enable them to pursue further studies, such as the Economics and Development Studies Masters programmes at AUD, and subsequently undertake specialised research. Alternatively, they would have the possibility of pursuing a variety of careers in other fields such as the corporate sector, Government and non-government sectors, and journalism.

Programme Structure

The programme is delivered through a total of 96 credits over six semesters. The programme consists of three types of discipline bases courses: Core Required Courses, Core Optional Courses and Elective Courses.

Of the 96 credits required to earn a BA Honours degree, a student would be required to obtain a minimum of 48 credits (equivalent to 12 courses) from core Economics courses in order to major in Economics. Eleven of these courses making up these minimum 48 credits are compulsory (core A) while the twelfth must be one of two alternative core (core B) courses (See list of courses for details). At least 32 credits (equivalent to 8 courses) have to be earned from courses other than Economics courses (at least 16 credits from foundation courses and at least 16 credits from courses in other disciplines of Social Sciences, Humanities or Mathematical Sciences). The remaining 16 credits (equivalent to 4 courses) can be obtained from Economics courses that are optional (elective A and B), applied and foundation courses, courses in other disciplines, or some combination of these three kinds of courses.


10 + 2 with 50% marks from a recognised board. Relaxation of 5% will be given to candidates belonging to SC, ST and Physically Disabled (PD) Categories. In addition, the student must have passed Mathematics as a subject at the 10 + 2 level. Further, the marks obtained in Mathematics in the XII Board Examination must be included in the calculation of the aggregate of the `Best Four Subjects’ of the XII Board Examination.

Meeting the eligibility criteria will not ensure a seat. The admission will be strictly on the basis of merit as per rules. However, eligibility is a must for consideration of admission.


  • Dr. Arindam Banerjee
  • Dr. Chirashree Dasgupta
  • Dr. Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya

    [Dr. Bhattacharya holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University. His areas of research interest include monetary economics and economic models of learning and expectations. He has previously been associated with IIM Kozhikode and the Indian Council for Research in International Economic Relations.]

  • Dr. Minaketan Behera
  • Dr. Priya Bhagowalia
  • Dr. Surajit Mazumdar
  • Dr. Taposik Banerjee

Student Activities

The university has an Economics Society which has both undergraduate and postgraduate students as its members. The aim of the Economic Society at AUD is to develop a broader discourse in and around issues of the Indian and the global economy. The society provides a platform where students can discuss and increase their awareness regarding various economics issues. It endeavours to engage students from economics and other disciplines in the analysis of contemporary economic and social developments and the debates centered on them. The society also has the objective to provide an opportunity to students to develop their literary skills and write on various economic affairs. For this purpose, the society intends to organize events like an Economics Fest, Debates, Seminars/lectures, symposiums, involving eminent economists. It also plans to publish e-magazines where its members can participate and write short pieces on relevant economic issues.

The society has organized programmes like film screenings on various social and economic

  • Screening of the film 'Nero's Guest' on the issue of the Agrarian Crisis in Monsoon Semester, 2012
  • Screening of the film 'Walmart' on the issue of ‘FDI in Retail’ in Winter Semester 2013.
  • Screening of the film 'Scribbles on Akka' in on Interbnational Women’s Day in Winter Semester 2013.

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