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  • MPhil Women and Gender Studies

MPhil Women and Gender Studies

Programme Description

Women's and Gender Studies M. Phil./Ph. D. programme is conducted jointly by Ambedkar University, Delhi and Centre for Women's Development Studies (Delhi) as part of collaboration between the two institutions. The program will assimilate analytical understandings of the significance of gender (relations) and foster study of conduits and configurations of power, causes, contexts and consequences of women’s subordination.

The M.Phil. Programme also creates a space for questioning silences around gender that steer the workings of caste, class and community in contemporary and historical societies, and in the social sciences.

Teaching Methodology:

The pedagogies of teaching and learning employed at Women's and Gender Studies research programmes, are intended to inculcate a feminist sensibility in our students in ways that balance academic rigour with intellectual freedom.

Students are encouraged to experience the personal as political by bringing into the classroom spaces critical reflection on their own and others' life histories and activism in conjunction with feminist texts and theorisation.

At Ambedkar University Delhi, the programme is offered by the School of Human Studies, an explorative, interdisciplinary space for thinking and reflecting on the myriad meanings of being human. Academic programmes housed in the School focus on the promise and potential of the human along with the actual historical exclusions and marginalisations that humans have led to. This unique collaboration with Centre for Women’s Development Studies supplements the development approach to gender with the interdisciplinary resources at AUD, in particular literature, film, psychology, sociology, history and expressive cultures.

Research Opportunity:

The M.Phil. dissertation in the second year of the Programme allows students to do independent research under supervision. This is an opportunity to not only contribute to knowledge production in the field of Women's and Gender Studies but also to interpret and challenge existing knowledge systems with a gender-sensitive lens. The research thus conducted is also expected to help students in identifying the potential areas of research and work to be taken up after the completion of their Programme.

Programme Structure

M. Phil. programme duration: 2 years (4 semesters) The taught component of the M. Phil. programme shall be normally completed over two semesters. Guided thesis research is transacted over the next two semesters. Selected M. Phil. students, subject to performance, may proceed to doctoral research after completing 18 credits of courses of the MPhil programme (without completing an M.Phil. dissertation). Direct admission of doctoral scholars is possible under the combined M. Phil/Ph. D. quota*.

Total Credits (M.Phil.): 30. Course work = 18 credits; thesis work = 12 credits.

Medium of Instruction: English

Nature of Programme: Interdisciplinary


Semester 1

Semester 2

  1. Women's Movements (Seminar mode, 4 credits)

  2. Reading Texts in Historical Context (4 credits)

  3. Research Methodologies through Exemplary Works I (2 credits)


  1. Feminist Theories (4 credits)

  2. Research Methodologies through Exemplary Works II (2 credits)

  3. Guided Reading ( 2 credits)


Semesters 3 and 4: Dissertation Research Practicum + Dissertation (12 credits)

Additional course(s) in fulfillment of M. Phil./Ph. D. programme requirements may be allowed on a case to case basis as recommended by the Research Studies Committee (RSC) of the School of Human Studies. In addition to the 18 credits of courses required for the Women’s and Gender Studies M. Phil. programme, a student of the programme may undertake courses from other postgraduate/research programmes of AUD (whether within or outside of SHS) totaling between 2 and 8 credits. These additional credits/grades will not be computed in calculating the programme grade average but the additional courses and grades shall be noted on the programme transcript.

M. Phil. to Ph. D.

Students completing the prescribed 18 credits of M. Phil. course work may apply for admission to Ph. D. if they have completed the prescribed course work with an overall grade average of A Minus (8 on an 11-point scale). Such candidates shall proceed to doctoral studies without completing an M. Phil. thesis and without award of the M. Phil. degree. In these cases, the RSC shall determine whether additional course work or acquisition of skills is necessary before the student may formally proceed to doctoral thesis research/writing. No entrance test is required but the candidate shall submit a formal research proposal for doctoral registration, as directed by the RSC.

AUD gives a stipend to all M. Phil. research scholars. Please refer to AUD website for further details.



Number of M. Phil./Ph. D. Seats: 10 for M. Phil.

M. Phil. Eligibility: Masters in any field with 55% or equivalent CGA, or comparable professional qualification with 55% or equivalent CGA. It will be 50% in case of SC/ST candidates.



  • Dynamic faculty committed to professional rigour and reflective practice.
  • Ample opportunity to interact with faculty across Schools at AUD and the entire faculty at CWDS.
  • Special lectures, seminars, workshops organised both by CWDS and AUD to strengthen course work.

Gender Studies at SHS has brought together political scientists, sociologists, literary and cultural studies professionals, psychologists, social anthropologists, philosophers and social work professionals to strengthen the interdisciplinary nature of the programme. As a premier research centre, CWDS will provide students an unparalleled resource of active research projects to affiliate with, and a vibrant community of researchers who can supervise their dissertation/ thesis. Please check the websites of the respective institutions for detailed information about the faculty.

Fee Structure

DURATION 2 years (4 semesters) Full Time

NUMBER OF CREDITS 18 for course work and 12 for dissertation

FEES* - Rs.1,380 per credit for course work + Rs.5,250 per semester during Research/ Dissertation + Rs.500 per semester for Student Welfare Fund + Rs.5,000 as refundable Security Deposit. Partial/ full fee waivers and scholarships available.

STIPEND - All M.Phil. and Ph.D. students are entitled to a stipend.

* The amount mentioned is indicative only and can be revised by relevant authority.

Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure: (The dates mentioned are indicative only and might be different for each year)

  • The admissions to MPhil/PhD in Women's and Gender Studies: Offered by Ambedkar University Delhi and Centre for Women's Development Studies, Delhi (CWDS) are announced in the month of May.
  • The applications are received till end of June or early July.
  • The entrance exam and interviews are over by mid-July and the admissions are done till the end of July.
  • Admission to the programme will comprise of three compulsory components: Research proposal, entrance exam and interview.
  • Proposals will be checked for plagiarism which can be a ground for rejection. The proposal is generally between 1500-2000 words only.
  • The exam will be partly based on readings uploaded on AUD website under 'RS Admissions' in 'M. Phil. in Women's and Gender Studies' titled 'Readings for Entrance Exam.'
  • The merit list for the interview will be decided after evaluation of the proposal and the written exam.
  • It is compulsory to submit the printed copy of the online filled form and the research proposal to the office of School of human Studies, Ambedkar University Delhi.

Admission Updates


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