Registrar Office

Office of the Registrar serves University by performing a wide range of functions related to governance, academic administration and records management. The office assists in the planning and managing a variety of administrative management projects in support of academic activities. It provides professional, technical, and administrative support in functional areas including human resources management, acquisition, contract management, safety and security, infrastructure & facilities management and general administrative services.




The Registrar’s office comprises of the following divisions/ cells:


Academic Services Division


Academic Services Division’s activities include the University's academic governance and regulatory framework, implementing faculty recruitment and career management policies and managing matters related to external invitees and guest faculty.


HR Division


The HR Division implements long term human resources policy, career development & innovative talent management strategies, development programs and mentoring support. It maintains an employee database to assist in decision-making on staffing matters.




The Administration Division provides administrative and logistical support to the entire organization. It carries out procurement, contract management, asset management and ensures efficient functioning of the registry.


Estate Division


The Estate Division carries out maintenance of all infrastructure and facilities including the buildings, roads, lawns, electrical, housekeeping and sanitation services. It is also responsible for providing effective security cover for men and material of the University and for ensuring that security measures at AUD are strictly adhered to.


Campus Development Division


The Campus Development Division is responsible for planning, design and construction of new infrastructural facilities in the AUD campus including structures, roads, walkways, overhead and underground cables, water & sanitation lines, communication networks and power transmission systems.


Governance Cell


The Governance cell is concerned with the structures and procedures for decision-making, accountability, control and codes of conduct. It is responsible for formulating and disseminating legislations, policies and by-laws related with functioning of the University.




Office of the Registrar is assisted by the following officers in supporting, facilitating and promoting the mission of the university:

  • Registrar
  • Deputy Registrar (Academic Services)
  • Deputy Registrar (HR)
  • Deputy Registrar (Administration)
  • Assistant Registrar (HR)
  • Assistant Registrar (Academic Services)
  • Assistant Registrar (Administration)
  • Assistant Registrar (Estate)
  • Assistant Registrar (Campus Development Division)
  • Assistant Registrar (Governance)